“One word is enough to make or break a man’s fortune”



Because we understand the challenges involved in translation, and because we delight in turning your problems into solutions.

That is the one and only reason behind Quorum Language Solutions.



Trust Quorum Language Solutions with your translations.
You’re in very good hands.

Language consultancy


Before venturing onto the international market, it is essential to define an effective language strategy. At Quorum, we can offer advice to ensure that your language content is perfectly tailored to your target market. Because we understand the cultural and linguistic tools you need if you want to sell in UK, US, Australia or any other English-speaking country, and because we know that even people who speak the same language in fact speak it differently, you can trust in Quorum Language Solutions as your local guide around the world.

Quality control


SME’ers and native speakers in the target language painstakingly handle all our projects. Meanwhile, they also go through three separate stages: translation, proofreading and internal quality control. Put all that together with the latest quality control technology, and what you have is Quorum. Few firms, for example, can claim to have a Quality Director among their partners, proof of the importance that we give to finding the perfect turn of phrase. Setting high standards? We will always be our own keenest critics.

Legal/financial translation


Our speciality. Of course we have a network of collaborators specialising in many other subjects, but if there is one area in which we take pride, it is our expertise in the legal and financial sectors. First, because of our three partners’ particular interest in the field. Second, because they are essential areas at any organisation, irrespective of the sector it operates in. And third, because we enjoy meeting the most rigorous challenges and scrupulously fulfilling deadlines. A threefold commitment that we put into practice every single day.

Interpretation and liaison


Every event is unique, and so are your multi-language needs. Whether for a trial, an international convention or negotiations, and whether you need a consecutive, simultaneous or liaison interpreting service, Quorum only works with professional members of the Spanish Association of Conference Interpreters. Just give us all the details and we will be delighted to overcome the language barrier in the most effective way possible. The bottom line is that at Quorum we speak your same language.

Sworn translation


We are aware of the meticulous demands of administrative departments and their official documentation. Apostille, oath, affidavit, certification, collation and other such terms can prove a real headache, so why not let us guide you through the whole process of your official translations? Experience? Two of our partners were appointed sworn translators by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation (the MAEC) in 2007, and have been practising as such ever since. We know what we are doing.

Software localisation


Globalisation has been a reality for some years now, and has also become part of our daily dealings in professional life. Which is why it is essential to achieve commercial success that you adapt your services, your products, and even your documentation to the target market. Cultural context plays a vital role here, since certain commonplace practices in the West could, for example, be seen as disrespectful in the Far East. Websites, software, mobile apps or videogames… Whatever the platform, we will be delighted to offer you a comprehensive solution.

Executive team

Meet the people behind QLS



With a degree in Translation and Interpretation from the Universidad Pontificia Comillas, Juan has always been involved in commercial strategy. His extensive track record at companies of various sizes in a range of sectors has given him huge insight into the needs and specific requirements of each client, along with a real sense of versatility and a proactive approach in seeking out the most efficient solution, with complete and absolute transparency. His lengthy professional experience and concern for his clients make Juan an expert in turning small problems into big solutions.


Key skills: personalised service, focus on solutions, and innovative thinking.




Having graduated in Translation and Interpretation at the Universidad de Granada, Susana then completed a master’s in Legal Translation at the Universidad de Alicante, and has been a sworn English language translator and interpreter since 2007. With a decade of experience behind her, she has spent much of her career managing legal and financial projects, holding positions of responsibility at leading national and international firms. Her track record and her considerable multi-skilling capacity make her an expert in legal translation, sworn translation and interpretation services.


Key skills: project management, knowledge of the sector, and legal and sworn translation.




David received his degree in Translation and Interpretation from the Universidad de Granada, followed by a master’s in Audiovisual Translation from the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, and has also been a sworn translator and interpreter since 2007. He began work as a translator in 2004 (several of his translations have been published), and over the course of nearly 15 years of experience has worked as a staff member and freelancer for a number of organisations all around the world. Over recent years he has specialised in the legal sector, as part of a lifelong learning process.


Key skills: CAT tools, new branches of translation, and quality control software.




We firmly believe in a winning combination: cutting-edge technology and personal service.

What makes us different?

Proven experience

Our in-house team is made up of the three founding partners, who not only have more than 30 years of experience among them at top international translation companies, but are also renowned experts in the three key areas of the sector: commercial strategy, production processes, and linguistic quality control techniques. We are the team to trust with your projects.

Specialist team

We understand the individuality and specialisation of each of your projects, which is why we conduct a personalised and exclusive analysis We also draw on a network of expert linguists in each field, who take painstaking care with the content, the terminology, the context and the purpose of the document, so as to guarantee an optimal result with the fastest possible turnaround.

Cutting-edge technology

The era of paper and pen has been consigned to history, with software and technology now the driving force in all modern professions. Which is why Quorum Language Solutions makes use of all the technological benefits available, without overlooking the human side of our sector, allowing us to offer a winning combination: cost-effectiveness, consistency and quality.

Absolute confidentiality

For Quorum Language Solutions, maintaining absolute confidentiality is a must. Aware of the importance of your documents, we sign strict non-disclosure agreements with all our collaborators, both providers and clients, so as to safeguard the privacy of each party involved in our projects.

Personal treatment

In contrast to the short-termism often seen in working relationships today, at Quorum we are dedicated to building solid foundations with our clients. We believe that the only way to do that is to listen to your needs and address them individually on each project, as the sole means of tailoring specific solutions to guarantee the success of your goals.

Quality, quality, quality

Our painstaking quality control begins with a specific analysis of each project, assignment of the team and implementation of the technology best suited to it, along with a linguistic process comprising at least three phases: translation, proofreading and internal quality control. A formula that is in principle straightforward, but one that we put into practice day after day here at Quorum Language Solutions.


Our offices are on Calle Serrano, right in the heart of Madrid, with unrivalled public transport links and ease of access by private vehicle.

Calle María de Molina, 36, 1C, 28006, Madrid

We speak your same language


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